Hair Care Instructions

All Hair Care Textures

Wrap your hair nightly with silk scarf or bonnet(This helps lock in moisture and and eliminates unnecessary shedding/tangling).

Under your scarf, hair should be twisted/braided into pigtails/plaits.(This helps the hair from tangling while sleeping).

DO NOT cut your wefts.( causes shedding & thinning of your hair extensions).

Seal your wefts before installing to ensure longevity of your hair extensions.

DO NOT blow dry your hair. always let it air dry.(blow drying can possibly of ruining your hair extensions).

ALWAYS us a heat protectant before using any kind of heated styling tools.(If not used, your hair can become brittle and produce split ends/breakage & frizzy/dry hair).

CONDITION your hair at least once a week; SHAMPOO your hair once every 3 1/2 weeks. (Timeframe may vary depending on amount of styling & product build up).

ONLY use professional consulting for coloring or adding any chemicals to your hair extensions.

ALWAYS comb/detangle from the ends up.


Detangle your hair extension ONLY when the hair is wet.(Detangling when dry can cause breakage, shedding & loss of hair). 

Detangle your curly/wavy hair EVERY morning & EVERY night before wrapping.(Please follow the same wrapping instructions listed above).

Use a curling cream/water mix to help keep your curls/waves moisturized.